Privacy Policy

Kawabu Brewery Co. Ltd. (“Kawbu”) agrees to promote the protection of personal information by establishing appropriate systems for protecting personal information and ensuring that all employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information and shall take appropriate actions to ensure that personal information is protected in accordance with the privacy policy set forth below.

Article 1. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

Kawabu shall identify the purposes for which personal information is being collected at or before the time of collecting personal information and shall only use personal information collected for purposes stipulated in the purpose of use statement. The purpose of use shall be clearly stated in the personal information management ledger, and a confirmation procedure shall be established and implemented to ensure that personal information is not used or disclosed in a manner that violates the purpose of use under the responsibility of the personal information manager of each departmental division that handles personal information. In addition, the Kawabu shall establish an internal management system and implement safety control measures to ensure that personal information is not used beyond the scope of the purpose of use.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal information of customers and business partners
  1. Provision of information and proposals regarding products and service
  2. Provision of products, services, and support, and related administrative and accounting procedures
  3. To provide information on and manage exhibitions and other events
  4. Contact for business discussions and meetings
  5. Requests for and communication of questionnaires and surveys related to planning and use of products and services
  6. Response to various types of inquiries.
Personal information provided by contractors.
  1. Performance of work entrusted by the consignor.
Personal information of applicants for employment
  1. Provision of information to applicants for employment and operations related to recruitment activities.

Article 2. Management and Protection of Personal Information

Personal information shall be strictly managed and shall not be disclosed to any third party, except with the consent of the person who submitted the personal information.
Appropriate security safeguards shall be put in place to protect personal information against unauthorized access, disclosure, or loss of personal information, or leakage when disposing of personal information.Additional procedures shall be implemented measures to prevent issues or errors, and Kawabu shall take immediate and appropriate action to prevent recurrence in the case where an issue should occur.

Article 3. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Kawabu shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other standards relating to the handling and use of personal information collected.

Article 4. Responding to Inquiries and Claims

Kawabu shall put procedures in place to receive and respond to complaints or inquiries about our policies and practices relating to the handling of personal information collected.

Article 5. Constant Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management Systems and Frameworks

Kawabu shall continuously improve management systems and mechanisms relating to personal information protection.

Article 6. Handling of Site Access Information of Users and Business Partners

Kawabu uses cookies to improve services to customers and business partners and to distribute advertisements and promote our products and services.
Cookies store usage history, input contents, and other information sent and received between Internet browsing software (browser) and the server as a file on the computers of site users and business partners.
If a site user or business partner has set their browser to allow cookies to be sent and received, Kawabu may retrieve the cookies stored on the user or business partner's computer and link the collected behavioral history to personal information.
Site users and business partners can select from "Allow cookies," "Reject cookies," "Notify me when I receive cookies," and other settings related to the sending and receiving of cookies by adjusting their browser settings.

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